September 2021

We Are Live!

September 25, 2021

Hey everyone! EQL version β is officially live.

This site is a spot to show off cool media in my collection and, in the near enough future, showcase stuff from fellow creatives online.

There isn't much on here yet but hopefully that'll change soon enough. Currently we have a video page (that I should probably add more content to), a sounds page (that I should also probably add more content too), and EQL Radio: an internet radio station playing stuff from my personal music collection. Hopefully that'll be home to some up and comers too. Maybe you'll even hear some unreleased tracks on occassion ;)
The radio station will go live tonight (Sept. 25th) at 7:30pm EST

So yeah, that's the update. Hope you enjoy the site!


September 25, 2021

Well, that whole radio thing didn't go quite as expected.
My internet is being flaky tonight and the source PC doesn't seem to be as reliable as I initially thought.
I'll give it a try again next week :P